Bitcoin price is soaring – How to make profit of it?

Bitcoin Price Climbs now !! Bitcoin price is now forwarding well above the $11,200 level and the 100 hourly quite moving average. Besides, there was a break above an ascending channel with resistance near $11,250 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair. As a result, the bitcoin price has surpassed the last swing high at... Continue Reading →


IOTA – The Future Generation of Distributed Ledger Technology

Want to know about the interesting facts of IOTA? How it will be a great impact in the future of generation and overcomes the missing things in blockchain technology? Here the article completely describes the IOTA, its functions, pros and benefits of IOTA, and where IOTA is used now !! Let's get into the blog... Continue Reading →

Poloniex Clone Script – To Build your exchange business

Coinjoker offers you a secure Cryptocurrency Trading script similar to Poloniex with a highly customizable Admin Panel & User-friendly User Panel. What is Poloniex Exchange? Business Model: Centralized Cryptocurrency Peer to Peer Trading Solution Supported Cryptocurrencies & Tokens: Supports more than 121+ Digital Currencies [At the time of this article research] Markets available on Poloniex: BTC Market, USDC... Continue Reading →

Top 5 crypto exchange clone scripts for korean market

As you know that, Korean people are more interested in cryptocurrencies than any other country. Eventhough, Korean government banned ICO’s in Korea, but the cryptocurrency exchanges in korea are running as well. Still, many Korean people are doing banking on cryptocurrencies in their retirement funds! The above news shows that, daily usuage of cryptocurrencies have... Continue Reading →

Coinjoker Visits India’s Dapp Fest 2019

India’s Dapp Fest : DappSummit or Dapp Fest is an exclusive conference over India who is focusing on Dapp and Blockchain technologies. The Conference has the participant of blockchain and Dapp executives and the key players. Main aim of India’s Dapp Fest: India’s Dapp fest helps to create an opportunity for all the aspiring blockchain peers... Continue Reading →

Smart Contract Audit Services Company

If you want to develop a digital signature between the agreement, smart contract plays a major role in developing digital signature between the various parties. Coinjoker offers a smart contract and smart contract auditing services for your agreement between the wide range of users and always security and trustworthy to the users. Before, you want... Continue Reading →

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