Source code, script, plugins, addons available for bitcoin exchange

Cryptocurrency is the economically popular virtual money across worldwide. Anyone can send or receive them without restrictions.  For this, bitcoin exchange business is being adopted by the entrepreneurs and business person. Normally, the investors will go for an exchange platform to trade or exchange their bitcoins. Perhaps more importantly, starting this business is considered as... Continue Reading →


Infographics- Hot and Cold Storage Feature(New)

Hot and Cold storage feature pros and cons explained here. Coinjoker gives the embedded features in their exchange script to meet the needs of startup hubs.

Bitcoin Exchange Script With Top 10 Business Modules

Having an idea to start your own bitcoin exchange business website? is the right place to build your own cryptocurrency exchange platform! Build your bitcoin exchange platform with top 50+ business features and 10+ trendy business modules here !! Cryptocurrency exchange script is equipped with unique features in the script like bitcoin hot and cold wallet,... Continue Reading →

New offline wallet can exchange bitcoins using C-lightning

Several technological initiatives and devices designed to make Bitcoin transactions faster, safer, and cheaper are streaming into the crypto space. The latest is Spark, which is a wallet that facilitates sending and receiving Bitcoin, using c-lightning. SIMPLE INTERFACE TO PAY WITH BITCOIN OVER THE LIGHTNING NETWORK The Lightning Network is growing, enabling faster transactions among... Continue Reading →

Experience The New Outlook Of Coinjoker2.1 !

Over the past several years, cryptocurrency exchange has been the phenomenon in the finance industry and it changes the entire system of digital currency transactions through the blockchain network. At coinjoker, we had uplifted many startups and entrepreneurs to start their own digital currency exchange and have been doing that forever. Coinjoker is the well-known service provider... Continue Reading →

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