The Why’s Of Why You Should Focused For Your Bitcoin Trading

You turn everywhere, software seems to be the perfect solution for your startup business. You are probably looking perfect trading software for your business. But have you yet considered the need for Escrow in your trading business? Escrow Script advantages: Escrow service is not just about safety. Coinjoker added escrow services to providing secure bitcoin... Continue Reading →


Blockchain smart contracts use-cases & Real Life applications

The best thing about the blockchain is that the technology uses decentralized hyper ledger that can leave out all the middleman in the system which exists now. You may have a question that what is Blockchain smart contracts? And it's use-cases. Let us get into that. Smart contracts in an insurance policy The major present issue in... Continue Reading →

Purpose of Blockchain in bitcoin exchange trading website

Blockchain — The BackBone Of Cryptocurrency : The blockchain is the pillar behind the cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. Blockchain technology is one of the hottest and demanding technology in the market today. As a result that businessman, startup companies, investors, traders, exchanges, global organizations, and governments have all confirmed blockchain is a revolutionary technology. So the presence of... Continue Reading →

How Security in bitcoin exchanges should be?

Do you plan to enter into the cryptocurrency exchange business world? Don’t worry, the advanced PHP framework provides multi-level security for your crypto exchange website from your hackers and stealers. Coinjoker — Bitcoin Exchange licensed script  is now upgraded with numerous upgraded modules in security and usability. The user of your website can feel free to trade and exchange... Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Exchange Script With Top 10 Business Modules

Having an idea to start your own bitcoin exchange business website? is the right place to build your own cryptocurrency exchange platform! Build your bitcoin exchange platform with top 50+ business features and 10+ trendy business modules here !! Cryptocurrency exchange script is equipped with unique features in the script like bitcoin hot and cold wallet,... Continue Reading →

New offline wallet can exchange bitcoins using C-lightning

Several technological initiatives and devices designed to make Bitcoin transactions faster, safer, and cheaper are streaming into the crypto space. The latest is Spark, which is a wallet that facilitates sending and receiving Bitcoin, using c-lightning. SIMPLE INTERFACE TO PAY WITH BITCOIN OVER THE LIGHTNING NETWORK The Lightning Network is growing, enabling faster transactions among... Continue Reading →

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